Wearing Kale Instead of Eating It | Sukin Moisturiser

sukin moisturiser

Green veg are indisputably good for you, be it broccoli, spinach or any of their leafy green cousins.

Remembering we are always a product of what we eat, it’s worth remembering that the skin absorbs on average 64% of the substance we put on it. So as well as introducing these super greens into our diet, we might as well feed it to our skin!

Sukin, an Australian skincare company sold in Holland & Barrett, have produced a range of skincare called SUPER GREENS.

This range includes all the green plants that have fantastic health and skin benefits. I’ve listed a few below!

This mineral is great for boosting melanin production – a pigment that protects your skin from the sun.

Great for keeping the skin hydrated. It also builds up collagen – this is what keeps the elasticity in the skin, preventing wrinkles and sagging…and UV damage!*

*But should NOT be used as an SPF replacement

Iron is fantastic for cell growth, keeping the skin young. It’s also a good tool to combat dark circles around the eye.

These are great vitamins for helping detoxify the liver, which improves complexion and acts as an anti-ageing ingredient.

These are also great for toning the skin, also helping with complexion.

sukin super green moisturiser on the hand

This is a really lovely moisturiser, perfect for anyone with normal to dry…to sensitive skin! *Always check with your GP if you have very specific skin requirements

As a water-based moisturiser, it’s lovely and light. This makes it very easy to quickly apply to the face and neck – a great one for people in a rush!

It instantly calms skin after washing and gives a lovely smooth complexion with a very healthy looking dewy glow.

So, if you can’t face eating it, wear it!

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