Reasons to do Your Cruelty-Free Shopping on ASOS

As a Brit, I think I can speak for everyone when I say that ASOS is so handy. Not only does always seem to have a great sale on, it also gives you a wide choice of clothes, beauty and accessories that you wouldn’t always have on one particular highstreet.

ASOS also seems to be more ahead of the cruelty-free game than other online retailers with its ‘non-leather’ refine option – a great little added bonus.

Cruelty-free brand search

The option to refine your search by selecting the brands you want to include is another easy way of having a browse.

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 12.06.15

I recently reached out to ASOS on Twitter to ask if they had a leaflet/document with the list of cruelty-free brands they sell. After quite a short exchange, I was basically told to do it myself…

So I have!

Here is an up to date (as of April 2016) PDF for you to download at your leisure, listing all the cruelty-free options on ASOS:

They have the left panel for you to pick brands. So you can browse within the cruelty-free only selection.

If you wanted to take your cruelty-free choices even further, they even have a non-leather selection box.

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