Holiday Travel Minis


Travelling light is always so much nicer – no waiting around for luggage, no dragging it around in transit. Now these gorgeous new cruelty-free travel minis are on the scene, there’s more reason to do it!

Cruelty-Free Shampoo, Conditioner & Body Wash

Superdrug is the go-to place for travel minis (unless you’re a really-last-minute-style traveller and prefer the Boots at the airport). If you have the time to arrange your wash bag contents before you set off for your holiday, Superdrug offer a range of own brand shampoos, conditioners and body washes. These are well known for being a great, affordable travel option.

Holland & Barrett is also a popular UK highstreet shop that has plenty of cruelty-free travel minis to chose from.

I’ve recently grown to love Dr Organic products – and these minis are fantastic.

cruelty-free travel minis

As coconut oil is not classed as a liquid, this is the perfect travel companion for a sunny destination.

Coconut oil has many properties: moisturiser, SPF (although this is very low), aftersun, hair mask, makeup remover.

Having one product that does many things is a great way of keeping luggage light without sacrificing a beauty regime. cruelty-free travel minis

This toothpaste from Tesco is cruelty-free and very affordable at 25p! It’s also 75ml – below the 100ml limit for flight hand luggage. cruelty-free travel minis

Superdrug has a great selection of sun lotions in various factors and sizes.

These little 50ml travel sachets of cruelty-free sun cream are so handy – not only for travel, but for any day trips whilst on holiday.cruelty-free travel miniscruelty-free travel minis

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