Release Your Inner Venus! Fitzjohn Skin Care Review

It’s so satisfying to use a non-abrasive, all natural skincare product daily. Better still, it’s freshly hand-made in the UK.

This advanced skin brightening scrub, Radiance of Venus, has been my go-to facial scrub for the past two weeks and my skin has received so many compliments!


So many scrubs are too harsh for our skin, some even containing non-eco friendly micro beads. Fitzjohn Skin Care has an amazing scrub that’s bursting with vitamins and natural ingredients. Something I can’t convey on here is just how gorgeous it smells!


After applying gently to the face and then washing off with warm water, your skin has a lovely smooth look and feel to it. There is a definite glow from the Vitamins C, E and Rosewater, which is miles apart from the shiny effect from using a soap that is too strong. This is a subtle, healthy glow, that really does bring out your inner radiance!

The beautifully honest ingredients of this product make it so good for your skin, so there’s absolutely no worry in recommending this to anyone with sensitive skin.


If you like to use other toners and products on your face for your morning routine, it’s also a great way to prep the skin to absorb moisture.

Like many all natural products, Radiance of Venus is also quite versatile. I use it as a quick face wash each morning, but it could also be used as a face mask while you’re in the shower – this gives the vitamins more time to be absorbed into the skin.

All scents in Fitzjohn products are created especially and have their own names. If you can’t quite put your finger on the exact gorgeousness of this fragrance, they call it ‘Riviera’. It has a very therapeutic as it smells so natural – something I now won’t be able to start my day without!

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