Feeling Rosy with Top Beauty Picks

Rose has been a favourite scent for thousands of years – one of the most famous examples is the Ottoman Empire that gave us the well-known, ‘Rose Otto’ in aromatherapy oils.

Fresh and floral but not too overpowering, Rose is a great fragrance to have in all sorts of products from hair to hand cream. Here are some of my favourite rose-scented cruelty-free beauty products this month:


These giant body wash bottles from Jason are a staple in my shower. They all smell gorgeous, last a long time and usually get a mention from staying house guests! This month I tried ‘Rosewater’ for a calming body wash. Rosewater is believed to have anti-inflammatory properties that helps with conditions like sensitive skin and has even been known to aid the removal of certain oils and dirt.


Speaking of removing oils, this hydrating facial spray is perfect for hot days and humid weather. A quick squirt of this is a great way of waking up and making the skin feel a little more fresh in sweaty weather.

Sprays are a great thing to take with you on your travels as they’re often under 100ml for flights, and help to keep things fresh. I took my previous facial spray with me on holiday last year and it made such a difference after a very dry and stuffy long-haul flight.


Dr Organic is one of my favourite cruelty-free companies. Their products always smell amazing and are of very high quality from deodorants to face creams. It was difficult not to pick up my trusty ‘Moroccan Argan Oil’ shampoo and conditioner duo and try something new, but so worth it. Rose Otto is a very gentle shampoo and conditioner that works wonders on dry, damaged hair.

Unlike a lot of well-known and non-cruetly-free shampoo and conditioners, Dr Organic’s contains no SLS’ or parabens, which is a lot kinder on your hair and skin whilst still giving it that glossy sheen.

What cruelty-free rose scented products have you tried lately?

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